HVAC Design Fundamentals 3



HVAC Design Fundamentals 3

PDH Credit: 6.0 hours
CEU Credit: 0.6 hours

HVAC Design Fundamentals 3

HVAC Design Fundamentals 3

  • Pumps and Piping Design
    • Introduction to Pumps and Piping Design
    • Chilled Water
    • Condenser Water
    • Heating Hot Water
    • Refrigerants
  • Air Distribution
    • Introduction to Air Distribution
      • Air handling units (fans), ductwork, dampers, diffusers, registers, and grilles all make up air distribution systems. The different components included in an air distribution must operate together to deliver the correct temperature and amount of conditioned air to the spaces of a building and maintain the desired conditions.
    • Fans
    • Ductwork
    • Air Devices
    • Acoustics
    • Air Velocity
    • Thermal Zones
  • Equipment Selection
    • Air-Cooled Equipment
      • Chillers
        • mechanical device used to exchange heat from the chilled water to a refrigerant in a closed loop system. The refrigerant is then pumped to a location where the waste heat is transferred to the atmosphere.
      • Water Treatment
      • Pumps
    • Water-Cooled Equipment
      • Cooling towers
      • Chillers
      • Water Treatment
      • Pumps
    • Air and Water Systems
      • Air Handling Units
        • Constant Volume
          • Operates at a constant airflow rate with varying air temperature to maintain the space setpoint temperature.
        • Variable Volume
          • Operates at a variable airflow rate in response to terminal units maintaining space setpoint temperature by varying the amount of supply air provided. The Air Handling Unit fan is controlled to maintain a static pressure setpoint in the ductwork.
      • Fan and Coil Units
    • Design and Construction Considerations

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HVAC Design Fundamentals 3

This course may qualify for up to 6 PDH (Professional Development Hours)/0.6 CEU (Continuing Education Units.)
Check HERE to verify your state board’s acceptance of this course for PDH/CEU credit.
An end of course examination will be required to obtain the PDH/CEU credits.

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HVAC Design Fundamentals 3





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